Network-Based CCTV

Our strength is the integration of video security systems within IT environments. We are unique in that we are experts in both CCTV and IT technologies.

Network-based video offers organisations much improved security surveillance. High resolution IP cameras provide superior image quality and remote connectivity extends system functionality and access to anywhere.

Systems Integration

Our multi-disciplinary expertise enables us to design IP video systems that offer maximum value and performance.

Dedicated to total customer satisfaction and the delivery of high quality standards, our experience ensures that installations are well-planned and will work reliably.

Free helpdesk support, backed up by callout and maintenance support guarantees ongoing system performance.

Commissioning Services

To ensure you receive an optimised system, final testing against the specified requirements will be carried out by a senior specialist, as is the delivery of administrator and user training.

Uniquely, we also provide system health checks, configuration, commissioning and training services for IP surveillance systems installed by others.

Operations Monitoring

In addition to security, IP video systems are used to improve business operations and efficiency. In many cases, the system is used for both security and operations interchangeably, creating an even greater return. The range of applications is wide and varied.

Utilizing existing IT infrastructures, PoE and wireless technologies make our video monitoring solutions cost-effective too


Perimeter protection can be a key part of your security plan. Depending on your overall site security requirements, we offer commercial perimeter security solutions including perimeter intrusion detection and perimeter alarms to help prevent external threats from entering your premises. Our perimeter protection products include solutions to help you better manage vehicle traffic in and out of your facilities, while allowing clear access for authorized personnel and visitors. From perimeter protection for small business to enterprise perimeter protection systems, our security specialists offer solutions to help you achieve a more secure perimeter.

X-RAY Baggage Systems

X-RAY Baggage Systems

X-ray technology has been instrumental in exposing details hidden from the human eye. Radiation, detection and image processing technologies instantly deliver superb images of scanned objects whilst maintaining the highest possible level of operator safety.

We understand that security means more than just surveillance to monitor the facility. There is a need to screen visitors and incoming packages and mail to make sure a greater security. The threats posed by terrorists’ use of explosives and by narcotics trafficking differ in significant ways.

X-Ray machines are a perfect solution for the quick but thorough inspection of baggage and other materials for firearms and other weapons. An X-Ray system in conjunction with a good metal detection system is likely to let little pass unnoticed.

Many X-Ray machines are available with optional extras to enhance operator training or the feature-set of the machine. Amongst these new extras are:

  • The purpose of Threat Image Projection is to monitor the x-ray operators performance level by discretely projecting images of threats into bags being scanned, detecting the operator’s response to these threats, and recording the threat projections and operator responses in a database.
  • Operator Assist helps the operator by highlighting objects of specific density and area without stopping the belt. Typically for explosives detection.