These are High Resolution Screens, with Brightness of over 1500 NIT and a wide 140 degree view. We design the Boards to support video graphics and animations with multiple input formats and module
construction for flexible sizes with automatic brightness control.

These Boards are ideal for…

  • Shopping Malls
  • Rental
  • Exhibitions
  • Conferences
  • Arenas
  • Airports
  • TV Studios and Advertising.


IDDS specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of a range of display based products used in traffic management control and variable message boards on highways.

Our road traffic product range covers applications in the highways, urban, and traffic management equipment sectors, whilst our developing rail products feature a long-distance rail signal and track information variable message signs. We are able to offer a wide range of Type Approved products and comprehensive services, from supply only to consultation, installation and long term maintenance, all in accordance with relevant Highways Agency.




The LCD Boards range from normal usage to the toughest
outdoor applications. They are also one of our major products.
We offer a variety of LCD Boards, Alphanumeric, Character and
Graphic. We deliver a variety of standard LCD Boards to choose
from and we also develop custom products for customer
specific requirement, the company strength lies in the Driving
Software and Technical support for Programming and
Development of Customer Requirement and we claim the
advantage in this Field in Speed, Quality, Price, Experience
and Technology


The IDDS Split Flap Boards have proved to be ideal for Large Display Surfaces or displays at Areas with Strong Light. With the non-reflecting surfaces and high contrast, our split-flap boards have excellent readability with wide viewing angle thus maintaining the high visibility in most lighting conditions, our products maintain no power consumption while the display remains static and fault-tolerance during a power loss where other displays will normally reset. The distinct low-noise sound draws attention to the board when the information is updated.

Our split-flap boards are also remarkable for their extremely long life and low energy costs, and are being used in most of airports and railway stations in India.




We offer a wide range of LED DISPLAYS, customized to the customer requirements we design displays for Indoor or Outdoor usage. SMD (Surface Mounted Device) technology is used for constructing light chips onto the surface of PCB. This technology is our strength in LED displays for a long time.

We deliver images with unequalled brightness and contrast levels as well as superb color uniformity. With its slim, sleek designs and renowned for its ultimate picture quality, IDDS allows the buildup of almost any shape and size display that include rugged structures and powerful, user-friendly processors, which allows you to have your display installed and calibrated in no time.

Our LED display range is ideally suited for countless applications – from indoor events that deserve a touch of glamour such as product launches, major trade shows or fashion shows, to entertainment events such as music tours, broadcast and film.


Our Open Frame LCD Monitors are extremely versatile that can be used for special mounting applications. We carry a variety of sizes and screen resolutions to satisfy a broad range of application needs.

Panel mounted Monitors are designed to withstand a variety of harsh environments like those encountered in an industrial environment. They will withstand water, humidity, and severe dust. They are primarily used as an operator interface. They can be equipped with a wide range of technologies including resistive, capacitive, infrared, and SAW as well as video inputs for monitoring applications.




IDDS plasma displays are video displays in which each pixel on the screen is illuminated by charged gas like a neon light. They are thinner and brighter than LCDs. Our Plasmas are marketed as “thin-panel” displays and can be used to display either analog video signals or display modes digital computer input. We are leaders in distortion-free images on the edges of the screen and we offer a very wide viewing angle.

Plasma displays come in displays sizes over 100 inches for display boards and high definition television, our displays contain a grid of cells in which gas reacts with phosphors in varying degrees in red, green, or blue sub-pixels, making it possible to produce over 16 million different colors.


We develop video walls with TV Style screen technology, Full 1920 x 1200 resolution per screen with depth about 36″ – 44″ dependent on size of screen with new 1/16 inch “seamless” design to minimize screen to screen gaps, expandable to 64 screens, Installation available by 9X Team as an option – or can be done by customer – with 9X technicians supporting install via email, phone or teleconference with new 3D ready 120Hz engine. It is designed specifically for tiling in 24/7 environments and 178 degree viewable angle.

Auto temperature sensing and fan control to reduce heat and extend panel life and auto ambient light monitoring with auto backlight control to extend backlight life



touch screen system

The IDDS all-in-one touch screen system is an aesthetic, totally integrated touch screen kiosk solution ideally suited to display Internet applications, text, graphics, and video in any public, supervised or unsupervised setting. Users readily walk up to this system to access your web site, point of service solution or custom interactive program.


IDDS Vehicle tracking solution is a turn-key solution for vehicle owners or fleet operators to determine the location of the vehicle. The solution includes Vehicle tracking unit which is installed in vehicles to collect the vehicle information and upload to cloud servers. The solution allows end users to monitor and control the movement of vehicles viz. trip start and completion time, distance traveled, speed etc. at any point of time. This helps in better fleet management by reducing the operating costs and while delivering mobile assets more effectively. The combination of GPS/GLONASS, cellular technology and powerful ARM-Cortex controller is used to transmit the vehicle data from unit to cloud Server.

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